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Last Updated Friday, 21-Oct-2005 19:38:22 EDT

About Us:
Well so you wish to know about us? Well let me try to explain who and what we are.
Dark Mystics is a gathering of people and friends who wish to be in a community without restrictions, major rules, or limits. For Blizzard games we try to offer a fun time of challenges, games, and people to play with that are friends who wont stab you in the back. Mostly we are now into massive online role playing games like Ultima Online. In UO we offer friendship, hunts, and more. We wish to offer role playing as well for those of us left who do. Basically. What I am trying to say is that this is a "Family" guild. Where you have friends and family that you can trust, We wont turn you down due to your play. Long as you dont cheat and long as you are not rude to others we are fine. Ok I know...this page sucks...its hard to say WHAT we are....all I can say is that if you want to be with people without the pressure then we are for you. The origin of the guild is based around Elven lore and life. This guild is run by twin sisters who wish to offer more then "Just another clan". Please email us if you wish to know more about who we are.....Sorry if this is confusing but the day I right this page I have alot on my mind =p. Thank you for your interest in us!

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