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Last Updated Sunday, 15-Nov-2009 21:56:32 EST

WELCOME To The Dark Mystics!:
Herani A'kaheyla de'shanuay 'A Asha 'A Dark Mystics, Teretai, A'Laena Star!
-Mystaria (For those who speak in Elven tounge)

* Forums down atm April 9, 2013 Posted by Mysticales

Think forums are down due to the host upgrading something. I am looking into it and hopefully will have them back up asap. =)

* Updating roster page! August 20, 2010 Posted by Mysticales

Well time has finally come for me to update the roster and make it more current! Complete with profile urls and so! New join form is also online at http://join.darkmystics.com

To see the current roster, http://www.darkmystics.com/roster.shtml

* Update on forums! April 6, 2010 Posted by Mysticales

Im still around, new site for a side community of DM, www.tribblebbq.com and also forums been updated to prevent spam bots and lil bit of a overhaul and adding features!

* Forums back online! October 27, 2005 Posted by Mysticales

Woot! All DM reunite! Forums back online! Also new roster script in the making to make linking up with friends and new friends in the community! Hopefully this will be some good news indeed! =D

* Welcome to Dark Mystics May 3, 2005 Posted by Will

Welcome to Dark Mystics. Allow me to introduce myself to all our new WoW members. I am Will, also known as Celric, Robards, Kerros, and a few others on WoW. Our UO friends know me as Will Smash and others of the Smash Family. Dark Mystics is just starting to enter the world of WoW, so keep watching here for news updates and future guild meetings that I have planned.

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