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Last Updated Friday, 21-Oct-2005 19:43:47 EDT

These are the rules you will have to follow if you are a member of our sanctuary.
Like them or not, you will follow them or better decide to leave and join another guild.
We did not develop this rules because we had nothing better to do -- be sure there is always a reason behind most of them but i don't want to explain all of them here.
Feel free to ask if you want to know more.

These rules are set as guidelines to maintain a friendly environment within Dark Mystics.

General Rules:

  • Orders/decisions (guild/channel matters) made by the leaders are to be followed. (We're not giving many, so please do us the favor and just do it)
  • No disrepecting other players skill abilities. We are all learning something and to mock another person's skills is disrespectful.
  • Please notify any of the officials if you experience that someone acts in violation of our rules
  • Remember that when you have any guild tags on, you represent our guild and you should act in a respectable way. (Dont be a ass to someone and get the guild involved)
  • That also means that YOU are responsible for anything that is done with your b.net character or other online accounts. Don't ever give out your password to anyone because YOU will be made responsible for abuse even if it was someone else using your account.
  • The use of cheats, hacks, exploits in a game is forbidden!
  • Have a sense of loyalness to your friends and guild.
  • NO Backstabbing Guild Members in ANY game!
  • We ask that each member have the DarkMystics website url
    in their profile.
  • We would like if you can use Trillian. If you don't have it, go here to get it.
    (it's a free internet paging program useful for communication if other methods aren't possible. (Also can be used to check the online/offline status of a user)
  • Please treat allies as if they were our own members. You do not necessarily have to follow their orders but if you are in their home channel you must abide to their rules which pertain to language and profanity. If you are asked to leave for some reason please do so and don't make a fuss about it, simply report it to a official and let it at that.
  • No member is to make or break alliances with other communities or clans. This is the job of the leaders or the ambassador.
  • If a DM member is in need of help and you can offer it, please do so.
  • Those not on battle.net games should download a bnet bot i.e UltimateBot and show yourself on occasion or post on the message board so we know your still alive. =p
  • You must be an active player to be in DM. If you have not been seen or heard from in 25 days, (Unless you told us ahead of time) you will be removed.
  • Please use "Common Sense" to rules =p Just keep it nice and peaceful and we all are happy! =)
  • No demeaning a game. If you lost, just say "gg" and either challenge them again or play something else. There are no "if's, and's, or but's"

Ultima Online Specific:

  • Simple Rule for Ultima Online:
  • Have some basic role playing knowledge. (This would mean dont be just treating UO as a normal chat or so, You dont need to be "thy thou" but little things such as buying a friend a drink, enjoying your character, or a simple words macro for your spells or actions. (pvp macros we all will understand and no words needed there ;) )
  • Help new players out to get the feel of UO and make them enjoy the game even more!
  • Keep DM as a family. If you wish to join the guilds army please contact me for more info. Just remember DM is a peace guild and not a warring guild. (But we will crush anyone who has a problem with us, no matter whether its in Tram, Fel, or Ish.
  • If you are a merchant, please let us know so we can post about your goods and help you out.
  • If you spar please declare deathmatch or friendly spar.
  • You can steal, long as you give back to members. (Must ask before hand before acting!!!)
  • Respect Reds! Ok.. I know this may sound odd, But dont be someone who follows the crowd to gank a red. See if you can talk to them or be a friend, The more red allies you have, the safer you are ;) (Its the blues and greys in fel that you cant trust....) In caves or so, Ill agree, if you see a red hunting ppl, sure, he's asking for it, get him ;)
  • You may do as you like in DM as long as you keep the tower itself and the guild at peace. So all you PK's and thieves we welcome you, but dont bring your work home with you ;)
  • If you can, try to contribute to guild to help it grow, simple request if we want to try get bigger =)
  • Anyone can recruit and join D^M no matter if your red, gray, or blue. We welcome you as a equal. Contribute to guild in the best way you can =)
  • Above all, UPHOLD THE GUILDS PEACEFULL AND KIND SPIRIT! We do not want to attract wars, fights, or flames, We want a friendly guild that makes you ENJOY every logon you do! =)

Shattered Galaxy Specific:

  • While in the regi, Please work with regi, talk, battle together on battles, and so on.
  • Try not to act like your a "god" over everyone else, boasting to others only makes people think worse of you.
  • Reminder, DM was always known as a fair regi, not one to take sides really...
  • Be Pro Faction, do whats best for the faction as a whole!

Channel and Bot Rules:

  • The use of sexual/racial remarks, spamming and excessive cursing is looked down upon, especially in channel Clan `DM`
  • Personal issues between people are no for public display. If you can't keep it civil, then it will not be tolerated.
  • IRC Bots or Bnet Bots need to behave, no mass scripting to flood or attack, basically common sense stuff...

I dont ask much here.. hell used to only have to worry about Blizzard games, so rules vary, just keep it common sense. =)

If you have any problems with our rules or anything else concerning our guild: feel free to use the message board to discuss your problem.

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