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Last Updated Saturday, 28-Aug-2010 18:28:43 EDT

This is the roster page for anyone wishing to be part of the gaming community. This is not a clan/guild affiliation. Just a group of friends who are joined together to play and chill together from DarkMystics and TribbleBBQ.

Entries are ordered by rank (if any) and name (alphabetical)
only members whose names/jobs are listed here are correct; anything else they say is wrong!
I will try to get new users on as fast as I can. so please don't come up to me just after you joined. =)
Supreme Mystics:
Name (Email) Main Games Steam & Games Main Contact# PSN XBL
Mysticales/Mystaria SC2, STO, FFXI, WoW, UO, Bungie Mysticales@darkmystics.com XFire - Mysticales Mysticalex Mysticales
Members of DM/TBBQ:
Name (Email) Main Games Steam Main Contact# PSN XBL
128hoodmario STO 128hoodmario IRC - H N/A N/A
aCe (SSR) STO, WoW peterspalding XFire - Astien
AIM - peterspalding
FAB <|DaD|>Element47 STO elementfortyseven N/A N/A N/A
[SOLO]Hythian SC2, CO, FFXIV, Mabinogi, DDO Hythian N/A Hythian Hythian
Jahner (Imperium SSR) STO Jahner XFire - Glenraven
Yahoo - slowry21
N/A DirtDiver0704
Kerrie STO, 2ndL Karrie XFire - Karenkittie Ente N/A
[15th]PanicSwitch STO, SC2 neomatrix724 N/A N/A Neomatrix724
Qute STO, CoH, D2 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Streakfury STO Streakfury N/A N/A N/A
Syberghost STO, CoH, WoW, MW, L4D syberghost GTalk - syberghost N/A N/A
[Omega XIII]TripQue STO, BF, Bungie TripQue XFire - TripQue N/A TripQue
[SOLO]Woody STO, E-O Woody N/A N/A N/A


SC = StarCraft/Broodwar
D2 = Diablo 2
WCx = Warcraft "x"
UO = Ultima Online
CS = Counter Strike
STO = StarTrek Online
FFXI = Final Fantasy XI
WoW = World of Warcraft
CoH/V = City of Heroes/Villians
L4D = Left 4 Dead
MW = Modern Warfare
2ndL = Second Life
E-O = Eve Online
BF = Battlefield
CO = Champions Online
DDO = Dungeon and Dragons Online

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My current Xfire Data: Feel free to add me or check the profile!